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    Opening times

    currently open on Saturdays & Sundays 2–5 pm


    Our door is open during projects-on-show. Often, but not always, projects-on-show can be experienced while the door is closed as well: through the windows or crannies such as the mailbox or air vent.

    We are situated on the ground floor, where four large windows make up the facade. Our door is 80 centimeters wide and 275 centimeters high, and currently inaccessible for wheelchairs. There is a ramp upon entering the door that is 9 centimeters in height.

    We house a small toilet and there is drinking water and hot water coming from a tap with a sink. There are possibilities to sit down during your visit, and always someone present to assist you during your stay. There is no toilet.


    Fokke Simonszstraat 12, 1017 TG Amsterdam
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    Marwan is an artist-run project space founded by Tim Mathijsen and Tirza Kater, running since 2017 in Amsterdam’s city centre. Marwan began as a space through which to invite artists with a close connection to the city to return to, or to further explore their connection with, the city of Amsterdam, and over the years has developed into a vital space for Amsterdam’s contemporary art community. In 2022, Marwan is pleased to announce that artist, curator, and researcher Dieuwertje Hehewerth has joined Marwan's team.

    Dieuwertje is working with Marwan from Aotearoa New Zealand, and together with Marwan will be exploring notions of distance, access, and sustainability within art practices, exhibition-making, and programming. Under the working title 'How to meet from a distance?’ Marwan invites artists to think and work in tandem in this undoing, questioning the position of Marwan as an artist-run project space, and making and punctuating a series of shows that relieve categories of starts and finishes towards a working together of moments more present.

    Marwan consists of:

    Dieuwertje Hehewerth
    Tirza Kater
    Tim Mathijsen

    and the advisory pool:

    Elki Boerdam
    Rieke Vos
    Phillip Gufler

    and could not exist without the ongoing support of XXXXX


    © Images Marwan and the artists, '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21, '22, '23

    banner typeface and DIY toolkit:
    Mislav Žugaj & Gaile Pranckunaite

    website design and development:
    oddd & Karoline Świeżyński

    Authentic Sans

    If you miss our old website:
    Marwan Website until 2023

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    Occupational Health & Safety Fund bequest (OHS Fund)

    Het Marwan OHS Fonds is een ‘legaat’ van de kunstenaars Isabelle Sully en Valentina Curandi in het kader van hun tentoonstelling ‘Two in a Coffin’ ( 2019) die gemoeid was met een feministische herschrijving van werkplaats veiligheid (in de Engelse taal OHS: Occupational Health and Safety). Steeds wordt een klein deel van een verkregen subsidie gestoken in het OHS Fonds, dat is bestemd voor elke op-hen-volgende kunstenaar die een project ontwikkelt bij Marwan. Een bedrag van 50,- is beschikbaar per project, om in te zetten voor een maatregel die de veiligheid bevordert. Dit kan veiligheid zijn voor de persoon zelf, voor de ruimte, de straat, de stad; in te vullen door de ontvanger van het fonds.


    OHS expenditures over time:

    • Valentina Curandi and Isabelle Sully placed a fire blanket in Marwan’s boiler room
    • Evita Vasiljeva has sunken her fund into a year-long Dutch liability insurance
    • Erika Roux & Victor Santamarina have acuired seven umbrellas to be used outside Marwan when rainy, in order to care for social distancing within the space itself
    • Yashaswini Raghunandan has cccccc
    • Reinier Vrancken gifted the occupational health and safety fund to Marwan’s curators Tim & Tirza in the form of a gift voucher to go to the sauna.
    • Karin Iturralde has ccccccc
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